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Linkable Asset: 4 SEO Content types that Naturally Attract Backlinks

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If you’re not on the first pages of Google or not performing well, this is the perfect guide. There are many content types, but today, you’ll learn the most important content ideas that will attract backlinks naturally. It’s very important to understand the kind of assets that have potential value for sites with a struggling audience count.

Without certain assets, you’re prone to lose a lot, even though you have the right commercial take on your niche and efficient content creation efforts are in place.

Moreover, we’ll talk about some powerful websites as an example. This is going to be an effective guide to jump on Google’s first page using backlinks and Linkable Asset content types.

What is SEO Content?

What is SEO Content

Well, the difference between regular content and SEO content is that “SEO content writing” is optimized for the search engines.

Yoast offers an awesome feature through their plugin where you can measure the SEO strength. But it’s not enough.

Also, you should be trying to get people to link out to the content, so you can generate more backlinks. That way you’ll get better ranking on Google.

You should provide content in many forms, but these are the 4 most popular formats or types to provide your content in:

  • An article.
  • A video.
  • An infographic.
  • A resource.

Basically, SEO content is usually useful, rich in information and has a lot of research behind it. Moreover, it’s unique to the brand that created that piece of content.

A Powerful Example with Unique SEO Content:

seo content types -2

When we look online for an excellent website with amazing SEO content ideas, we’ll find “” is an awesome example.

If you don’t know MOZ, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of the best SEO resources. They have a tool called “Open Site Explorer”. This tool allows you to look at a website’s domain authority.

Now, that’s a good tool and a unique piece of content. So, it means that millions of websites backlink to their tool. Moreover, it’s specific and curated for SEO users.

So, now that you know what good SEO content is & its types, let’s continue…

Why Would You Want To Improve the SEO?

As the content improves, you’ll boost the backlinks traffic. More backlinks mean the website will be listed on the first pages of Google, especially if they’re high-quality backlinks.

Basically, having more backlinks is a powerful sign for Google to rank the content. As you build different SEO content types; you’ll get high-quality backlinks.

We’ve tried these 4 powerful SEO content types and they’ve gotten us some high-quality backlinks:

  • Tools and software
  • Long form text
  • Infographic
  • Case study.

Now, you’ll see some examples of these types. Therefore, you’ll know how to personalize these 4 content types to work best with your content marketing strategy. Adding a variety of content types to the website will boost the rankings.

1.      Tools and software: & are the top examples with their products, Open Site Explorer and Ubersuggest. They both have unique SEO software and tools that generate millions of high-quality backlinks for them.

If you’re looking for a good keyword research tool, then, I highly recommend using Ubersuggest.


Neil Patel paid over a million to have this tool on his website because he knows that digital marketers rely on it for important SEO content.

So, he actually did that to get lots of high-quality backlinks to his website. The only negative thing about this strategy is that it’s very expensive.

Should you try this SEO content strategy?

Pro: If you’re one of the online marketers who spend around $10,000 to build unique content, then building the software is a valuable investment.

To build software or a tool, you need a minimum of $10,000 just to get it running properly on the web. It’s one of the best SEO backlink strategies that are worth it.

Con: It’s very expensive for beginners who are on a budget and haven’t reached that spending limit yet.

2.      Infographics:seo content types -5

I personally love infographics because they’re so digestible. You can design one based on the best topics in the industry. It’s one of the best content types to boost search engine optimization.

Our Experiment:

Readers love to download infographics because it’s short and saves time. So, we created a nice infographic for one of our long text SEO content. After adding it to our blog posts, we’re noticing a decent amount of backlinks. As a result, the ranking started to improve and we got more traffic.

Where to find infographics?

Some websites, like ourselves, have a designer in-house to make the infographics in a unique way.

But, if you don’t have a designer, you can go to Fiverr, search and see who is selling infographics. You’ll easily send them the content idea for the infographic and they’ll design it.

We’ve tried Fiverr multiple times. Just make sure to design infographics for long-form texts.

3.      Comprehensive Guidesseo content types -6

The average first page of Google ranks has 2000+ words of text!

But, make sure to write this much of content only when necessary for the best SEO results.

So, don’t write a lot of content on broad things that don’t have much to cover. You’ll make the content look manipulated and the readers will lose interest quickly.

You need to offer them something worthy of their time. You might choose a topic you find a good linking resource, but it still might be a poor topic to elaborate on.

Pick another point and once you pick the right one and answer the right questions, you will earn the right to be viral.

If the topic isn’t what one would typically call worthy of 2,000 words, then you run the risk of stuffing words.

Stuffing a bunch of words in the content will definitely decrease the SEO score. More importantly, the users will bounce off the website, increasing the bounce rate. You’ll not only harm the website but also lose valuable traffic.

Think about the users at first, the promotional stuff and returning customers will come later. It’s easy to lose traffic. It’s hard to build it up.

Just use a friendly and rich content style for better reader experience.

4.      Case studies:

Finally, you can make case studies

about how a tool or software affected someone or yourself. Backing it up with evidence and resources is the key to a powerful long-form case study.

Case study example:seo content types -7

One of the best SEO case studies that I found is Brain Dean’s skyscraper technique.. Basically, in that study, he talked in-depth about how he resulted in a 100% boosted traffic increase in just 14 days.

Now, you know the 4 SEO content types…

How Do I Optimize My Seo Content?

So, you need to know how to start getting valuable backlinks to your website.

First, Use Buzzsumo:

You can look for what’s working and getting lots of shares by using Buzzsumo. Simply put, it’s a tool where you’ll type in a search query and it’ll show the most popular content built around that topic.

The results show content based on links and social shares. Easily, you’ll see which content is doing really well. After that, you can duplicate it in a better in-depth way.

Why is this data valuable? Well, social shares form a core segment of the internet. Social tactics to earn audience attention are highly effective. And with this tool, you can leverage the power of social shares.

It’ll help save your time because you already know that the particular content is working and has a good amount of backlinks.

“Don’t fix it, if it’s not broken”

Second, Make the Article Better:

  • Add more research into the content
  • Embed a YouTube video
  • Create an infographic
  • Use more rich text

Bonus tip:

You can make a whiteboard video for the article and embed it in the content. If you have a product, then making videos is an amazing idea. YouTube channels are useful for the brand. It’s one of the best types of content. It’ll perform a lot better on search engines.

Third, ask others to link to your article:seo content types -9

  • E-mail the competitors for backlinks.
  • Promote new content on different social platforms.
  • Offer guest posting to the newly written blog post. will remain one of my favorite SEO tools. It allows analyzing the competitors. So, you’ll put in the link of a competitor and go through the backlinks. Then, you’ll e-mail them to target the blog post for backlinks.

Simply, you’ll tell them that the blog post is more relevant, and has a lot richer content. By understanding that your blog post has more valuable content, they’ll backlink to the post.

This is the best way to go about creating SEO content that actually works. The white hat SEO is an important strategy. You need to consider it to get high-quality backlinks.

All you need is some effort and you’ll get backlinks in no time. The great news is that these 4 ways definitely get more backlink opportunities in a 100% natural and white hat way.

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