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9 Content Creation Tips Proven To Increase Your Website Traffic By 268%

I have been working within the SEO industry for 12 years now (since 2007). Today I run my own SEO Software known as SimilarContent. I help teach people SEO, as well as connect folks who need SEO services with expert consultants

Stunningly, there are more than 2.5 million blog articles published on the web every day! With that much content creation and competition, creating unique content that stands out has become more difficult.

If you’re a blog or website owner (like me), then, you’re always looking for new ways to increase the website traffic from Google & more success to the content marketing strategy.

Today, I’m going to show you 9 simple actionable tactics that worked in 2019 and have increased our website’s traffic by %286 and that can drive massive organic traffic to your website too.

No matter what kind of a creator you are – whether you’ve created keyword-based content so far, whether you’ve taken help of consistent video material to help spread your message, or whether you’ve spent a large portion of your time in marketing your content to the right audience on social media channels like Instagram and YouTube – there’s a way for everyone to increase traffic in this article.

1.      Title Hacking:

People always judge a book by its cover. Similarly, readers judge your website or social media content by its title.

One of the easiest ways to attract people to your blog or content is by having a powerful title. It’s already been proven to be very effective and one of the key factors in why people visit or turn their backs to your website.

Let’s give an example…

Supposedly, you’re going to write an article about the “keto diet”. Go to Buzzsumo and type in “Keto Diet”. Then, look at the list of the top articles shared by readers on the Keto Diet:

  1. Keto diet food list: ultimate grocery shopping list
  2. 33 must-try fat bombs for keto or low carb diets.
  3. Keto diet food list (infographic and PDF)

Now, these are proven sharable post titles that you can use when crafting your own title. Let’s fixate on “25 delicious keto diet foods to try today”.

Not only does Buzzsumo show the most effective post titles for a topic to write about, but it also shows, the channel that gets the most shares for that topic.

Increase Website Traffic -1

Based on this information, now you need to take the time to create a Pinterest and Facebook Ad campaign.

With that in mind, you know how to craft a powerful title with an emotional impact to increase website traffic.

2.      Emotionally Energize Your Title:

There’s a free tool provided by the Advanced Marketing Institute called the “Headline Analyzer”. You can use this tool to analyze the EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) score of the chosen title.

Increase Website Traffic -2

Moreover, you’ll know which emotion your headline makes the most impact. Let’s test the EMV score for the keto diet title.

Increase Website Traffic -3

The result is a 37.50% EMV score. Simply, it means that your title has a 37.5% emotional marketing value words.

So, according to the Advanced Marketing Institute, the English language has almost 20% EMV words.

Most professional content writers and copywriters should have 30-40% EMV words in their titles. However, extremely talented copywriters can achieve 50-70% EMV words in their headlines.

Increase Website Traffic -4

So, looking at “25 delicious keto diet foods to try today” with a 37.5% EMV score, it has a good emotional value and is classified as “Spiritual”.

More recently, brands may try to hire marketers who know how to connect with the audience to perfect their title copy. This just empowers the importance of emotional value. This aspect has been really successful but not a lot of people knew about it in the digital marketing industry. It will ever stay important. How do you think big corporations like Microsoft or Apple sell their products so effectively? They connect with their potential consumers on an emotional level and enhance their brand value.

Now, it’s time to try several variations for your headline and see which gets the highest EMV score and that will be the best one to use.

For example, “Feel great with these 25 keto diet meal plans” got an EMV score of 33.33%.

Increase Website Traffic -5

Or “Keto Diet: 25 tasty meals to try today” got 50% EMV score, which means that it has the highest score so far.

Increase Website Traffic -6

On paying close attention, you’ll notice that the shorter the headline, the better the emotional impact on the audience.

So, now that you know how to make a great headline, how to rank it on Google?

3.      S.E.R.P Scouting:

First of all, know that SERP stands for “Search Engine Rankings Page”. Google Chrome is the best when it comes to SERP scouting to leverage the power of the MozBar.

Install the MozBar extension by heading to the Google Chrome Web Store.

Then, go to Google search, and type the keyword that you want to target and write about.

Now, the MozBar will show:

  • The page authority,
  • Domain authority, and
  • The number of links.

Increase Website Traffic -7

If you want more information and know who’s linking to the competitor’s, click on “Link Analysis” and it’ll open “Open Site Explorer”.

If you’re not using Google Chrome, then visit the “Open Site Explorer”, and put in the competitors URL and it’ll show a detailed analysis.

So, analyze the website’s domain authority, page authority, and links to see how likely you are to rank for the targeted keyword.

For example, if you’re targeting “keto diet”, the top-ranked site has a domain authority of 53, page authority of 46. If the website has a domain authority of 54 or above, page authority of 47 or above, then, you can outrank your competitor.

Take advantage of “Open Site Explorer” and check the list it provides on inbound links pointing to the competitor’s page.

Use this information to find links for the article and increase its ranking. By adding some additional value to the content, there’s a great possibility that these links will link to the post as well.

4.  Add LSI keywords to boost your ranking:

Writers, in the past, used to focus on loading up their content with the targeted keyword. This is called “keyword stuffing” and it no longer works.

In fact, the more keyword stuffing you do, the fewer opportunities there are left for you to rank.

Now, Google looks for the LSI keywords in the content to determine its context.

What are LSI keywords?

Simply, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It means the related and synonymous keywords for the main keyword. Google checks the LSI of the content to determine the value of your article.

For example, search Google for “Indians”. Then, Google will try to find the best results that match the inquiry and give suggestions:

  • Indians – the Native American people.
  • Indians – the people of India.
  • Indians – the MLB baseball team
  • Indians – the musicians.

Then, Google analyzes the page for related LSI keywords and knows that this page is about “Indians – the music group”.

How to add more LSI keywords to your content?

  • Search for a targeted keyword in Google.
  • Notice a dropdown menu of related searches (Google Autocomplete).
  • Look at the bottom of the search results page, and find LSI keywords.

How to know which LSI keywords are the best?

SimilarContent’s Content Optimizer generates a real-time list of LSI keywords for any search term and show you the exact amount you need to use each word. it measures how well your content has covered a focus topic.lsi keywords- similarcontent

Optimizing content for good score is like solving a baby puzzle; you try to find the suitable place to use the LSI keyword

Just add some of these LSI keywords in an article to boost the ranking chances. Now, you’ve published an article and it’s time for content promotion.

5.   Boost Interaction with Social Media Optimization:

It’s smart to always make content easy to share. As a content creator, you need to provide value to your users by making your content easily shareable, without requiring more than a couple of clicks.

So, focus on optimizing the meta description, because this is the part underneath the title that will motivate people to make the decision of clicking on the link.

Increase Website Traffic -9

Knowem has an amazing tool called the Social Media Optimizer at Put an article’s URL, then check your results and verify that the blog’s meta description is perfectly optimized for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

6.  Optimize For Mobile:

Generally, more than 30% of the website’s traffic is coming from mobile users. You can always check your Google Analytics reports to see where most of the traffic is coming from.

Increase Website Traffic -11


Just sign in to Google Analytics, then, on the left navigation bar, click “Audience”. Check how many are visiting the website through desktop, mobile, and tablet when you click on “Overview”.

Increase Website Traffic -11

A lot of people constantly stay online and share content from their mobile devices. It’s only logical to have a mobile-friendly look-and-feel for your content so that there are least hassles.

Now, that’s the human aspect. What about the technical aspect? Do you gain traffic with Google if you have mobile optimization?

It’s very important to have a mobile-optimized website to boost mobile SEO too. Use Google’s free tool “Mobile-Friendly test” to check if it’s optimized for mobile users or not.

Now, test one page at a time. Simply, by using the Google Search Console, you’ll view a full report of all the website’s pages.

But, that’s not all!

Increase Website Traffic -12

You must optimize the mobile social sharing buttons; otherwise, you’re losing the great opportunity of additional traffic.

One of my favorite social media sharing button tools is “AddThis”. This is a must-have free plugin to optimize the article’s sharing buttons on pages and blog posts.

AddThis automatically changes and modifies the sharing buttons on mobile phones and puts them at the bottom! This makes it easier for readers to share content.

You can get up to 20% more site traffic just by adding mobile optimized share buttons to your website.

Bonus tip:

Since we’re talking about AddThis, I’d like to share another cool feature, which is “Image Sharing”

7.   Increase Traffic with Image SharingIncrease Website Traffic -13

When someone hovers over the image, they’ll see social sharing buttons.

Simply, AddThis makes it easier for the reader to share the images, illustrations, infographics, and any other images.

“Image Sharing” is a free, built-in feature in AddThis and you must use it to your advantage.

After installing the plugin on the website, the images will be automatically optimized for sharing.

Important note:

Social media image sharing can boost the website’s traffic, but here’s the deal: There are 2 digital marketing facts that can’t be ignored:

  1. 50-80% of your website’s visitors will check the website, leave and never come back.
  2. Customers take 7 steps before deciding to purchase the products.

These two factors alone are enough to value the importance of building an email list. It’s very important to convert the website’s visitors into email subscribers.

That way, you can keep on encouraging and reminding them of the value the website delivers.

8.   Expanded Content Offers:

Simply, this maximizes the number of subscribers you can get from the blog posts by including an offer on the article. Without offers, you’re severely limiting your chances.

Write an in-depth article or guide on a specific topic that provides value (step-by-step instructions, for example).

Turn the long article into a downloadable PDF, which readers can get by leaving their emails first. So, users can read, sure, but download the content too.

Add a call-out box or link at the top of the blog post to let readers know about the downloadable PDF. It’s an easy way to maximize the number of subscribers.

Increase Website Traffic -13

Bonus tip:

  • If you don’t have a designer, use a free Google Chrome extension called “Print-Friendly”. It helps you create downloadable versions of the article.

Increase Website Traffic -14

  • Make the PDF more clickable, by saying that you have a bonus tip or two in the PDF that’s not found in the article itself.

9.   Pareto Principle Publishing:

The Pareto Principle is also known as the 80/20 rule. Essentially, it means that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

When you search deep into it, you’ll discover that by applying the Pareto Principle to the content as well, you can create highly effective, converting, and engaging content.

How to do it?

  • Log in to Google Analytics.
  • Locate the “Behavior” tab on the left bar navigation.
  • Then click on “All Pages”.
  • Set the time frame for the last 6 months.
  • Look at the total number of page views and multiply it by 0.8 (80%) of total page views.
  • Starting with the pages with highest page views, calculate 80% of each until you get 80% of the total page views.
  • Now, you know the pages that generate 80% of the website’s traffic.
  • Finally, you have the information to see how well they rank.

Use the Pareto Principle as a benchmark for the publishing efforts at all times.

The more useful and valuable your content is, the easier it makes retaining the readers on the website. It also works towards urging them to share it and even let competitors link back to your article.

If you’re not showing on the first 3 search results, then look at the top-ranking competitors. Look for new ways to improve the content’s value and SEO to boost the ranking.

Always update the article using the same URL and let your subscribers know the updates and that you have added more valuable content to the post (and for that to happen, you need to actually add more valuable content to the post too).


Actually, the writing alone isn’t everything. You need a plan that spans across social media, SERPs, email lists, and so on for effective content creation purposes. It might sound challenging, but it’s something website owners do easily.

No matter what you’re offering – a product, service, information, portal, or something entirely else – content is important.

The development of good content that people can enjoy comes with practice. Most of the influencers of various niches understand this. As a marketer, you should also do the same.

A website doesn’t need to be old, running original content, and full of essential information to rank well. It needs great unique content. And creating great content isn’t easy.

Conduct thorough self-assessment and meet your goals with these tips. Don’t jump to conclusions swiftly or involve black hat tricks. Follow reliable and Google-friendly guidelines and don’t give up. Most content creators do this and sure, this takes a great deal of effort but it’s not impossible to do anything.

To sum it all up, these are the best 2019 tactics that worked with our blogs and boosted our organic traffic.

Hire a freelance writer for content creation, the process of producing comprehensive and engagingly relevant high-quality content. Content can be videos, data statistics, basic metrics, and business tips.

This guarantees to boost your website traffic and generate more organic leads from search engines.

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