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Why Content Readability Score Is the Key to improve Your Google Rankings

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Are looking for effective and tested ways to improve your content readability? Well, you’re in the right place.

Importantly, you should know that content readability has a direct effect on the traffic you generate and the ranking you have on SERPs.

When creating a post, you need to focus on creating readable content because it’ll affect the rank.

Technically, most bloggers focus on improving:

  • keyword density,
  • meta tags,
  • image alt tags,
  • related keywords,
  • On-page and off-page SEO.

Most of the time, they forget to increase the readability of the post. Don’t make the same mistake.

First of all, you should know …

What is Readability?Readability of Content -1

Simply, it measures how easy it is to read the content. There are lots of measuring tools; however, we recommend you check on the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale.

Yoast plugin offers this feature for free for WordPress users. So, you’ll easily measure and improve your content by activating their plugin.

Yoast also has a free web version for readability testing and real-time content analysis.
As you write web content, it’ll keep you updated with the score.
Moreover, it helps writers by pointing out how they’ll be able to increase their content readability with helpful tips.

Score Color Indicators:

  • Red – Means the readability score is low. You need to improve it.
  • Orange – Means the score is medium and you need to apply some tips to fix it more.
  • Green – Means the score is great, but sometimes you might need slight changes to improve it further.

Yoast is a good way to understand your text better and improve the level of your site content with ease.

What it also does is get you in the habit of writing for Yoast, which means less passive voice, more transition words, and so on in your content naturally.

It’s a tool based on years of data from the top marketers. This is everything you’ll ever need for improving readability. It calculates the parameters in real-time and makes its insights accessible quickly.

You can look at Yoast’s readability test as a guide that depends on your text but helps optimize it by running various levels of tests without wasting any time.

Important note:

  • A score above 60 means the web content is easy to read and won’t bore the users.
  • Most posts ranking on the first page of Google have a high score.

How Flesch-Kincaid Scale Measures Readability?Readability of Content -2

Basically, this scale (or any other scale) looks at 3 main factors in content:

  1. The number of words per sentence.
  2. The number of sentences per paragraph.
  3. Average characters per word.

It’s pretty simple how to boost readability analysis. I’ll be giving some tips and techniques I apply while creating my content.

Why is content readability important for SEO?

Improving the website’s readability is important for 3 main reasons:

  • It makes it easier for visitors to read articles.
  • It improves visitors’ experience on your website.
  • It boosts the search engine rankings.

So, if you want to be on the first page, you must follow the following 4 readability tips:

 How to Improve the Your Content Readability?Readability of Content -3

Making your copy better isn’t easy. It takes time. But it’s entirely possible. Not only will your ranking improve, but your readers will also find the information in every article to be clear and friendly towards them.

I use these 4 tips to boost content readability on a daily basis. As a result, I notice that my rankings begin to get better as the readability improves.

#1 Paragraph Size:

First of all, you need to check your content for long paragraphs and SHRINK them! If you want to achieve a high readability score, this is the first and most important step.

Let’s have an example of a long paragraph: Writing long paragraphs is really boring and looks bulky. It drives away the audience because they feel like they have a lot to read!

Most advanced blogs write shorter paragraphs and often include a question every now and then. This amplifies engagement.

Whether you have to explain or review something, go with shorter paragraphs. The user will better comprehend the text. If you make the paragraphs longer and more dramatic, it actually makes the content poor based on the readability formula. So, let the reader consume shorter chunks of information.

Not to mention that low readability scores directly affect the bounce rate!

To sum up:

Break the long paragraphs into 2-3 sentences long paragraphs to increase the readability score.

#2 Number of Words Per Sentence:

You should aim for 13-19 words or less per sentence for a higher readability score. Simply, break the long sentences into smaller ones while keeping the value.

This is a simple step to improve readability. Next time, when you’re writing a post, keep it short.

To sum up:

The fewer words per sentence, the better the score will be and the more audience you’ll have.

#3 Filler Words:

Readability of Content -4

Readability hates filler words! It’s basically readability’s worst enemy.

So, how to get rid of filler words?

  • Remove unnecessary adjectives.
  • Keep the sentences short, simple and to the point.
  • Don’t hype the content with adjectives.

#4 Characters per Word:

Now, I know it’s hard focusing on each word’s character while writing. All I’m saying is try to focus on keeping the characters per word count 5 or fewer.

Practice writing shorter words unless the situation demands otherwise. When your pages are full of short words, including the headings and supplemental content, it will better accommodate your readers.

It will also create highly targeted attention in your message and call to action. In general, people will become a lot more interested in your brand.

Longer words will receive lower scores. Also, the more you use complicated words, the lower the score will be.

Bonus Tip:

Use a Thesaurus to shorten longer words. You can simply look for synonyms. Target shorter words to replace the long ones. Fire up Google and search for “define magnificent” and check the synonyms there for any shorter alternative.

Don’t worry much about the characters per word count while writing. Just finish the piece, test it and, finally see what needs to be done.

To Sum Up:Readability of Content -5

  • Keep things short for better reading and more engagement with the audience.
  • Use short paragraphs, short sentences, and short words.
  • Test the blog post before publishing
  • Spend a few minutes improving the readability for better results.

Start using our tips today. When Google performs its next index on your website, the algorithms will grade you better and you’ll outperform competitor websites. It will take some amount of time.

Once you’ve optimized your existing text, make sure you add something new. Make sure you use readability improvement techniques in your new content too.

Go through the written content, check the score and make it higher.

Empower your online content marketing plan today!

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